Here are the questions in your clients' head...


  • Are you afraid to sell and afraid to buy?
    Conventional Wisdom says to buy and hold…

    • Is that the right thing to do?

    • Is that what people actually do??


The right questions are…


  • What should I do right now?

  • Where is the place for the best returns with the
    least amount of risk?

A possible answer:

The Bloomberg US Dynamic Balance Index II 

TICKER NAME:                     BXIIUDB2  

Current Allocation:               97% Bonds  3% S&P 500

1 Year Look Back:                8.08% (closing values on 3/17/2020)

The story that helped revive a
$5M case during the current crisis:

What makes this index so powerful?

The balancing of risk every day helps stabilize
index performance over time.

In general, when the S&P 500® volatility is low, the balance shifts more toward the S&P 500® and when volatility is high, the balance shifts toward the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate RBI® Series 1 Index.


In periods like 2008 when the Bloomberg US Equity Custom Futures ER Index dropped significantly, the weighting would have shifted to the bond index, which would have helped keep the Bloomberg US Dynamic Balance II ER Index from a significant drop, as well.

budbii returns.JPG

How can your clients take advantage of the BUDBII Index?

A PremiumLife™ Strategy.

Learn about the volatility-controlled allocation designed to help stabilize during uncertain times

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