Top 3 Reasons
Advisors Fail at Seminars

Interview 2.19.2020

3Reasons Advisors Fail at Seminars_with Jorge VillarUFC Legend Interview
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Our proven, field-tested seminar system package includes:

  • Pre-designed, ready-to-go mailer

  • Specifically targeted demographics for qualified and motivated prospects

  • Dedicated success staff to get your campaigns up and running 

  • Text confirmations and reminders for registrants

  • Full Presentation with Script customized with your logo - with an average appointment ratio of 90%

  • Complete Success Guide with checklists, pro-tips, and ways to maximize your investment

  • Ready-to-Launch digital follow up campaigns

  • Client Fact Finder

  • Fully Branded Product Presentation Sales Track

  • Exclusive Closing Tools

  • Reimbursement & Special Mailer Discount Offers!

All you have to do is pick a venue and secure a date.

We take it from there.

Did we mention we allow you to LOCK DOWN YOUR CITY so no other agent can give the same presentation to prospects within a 20 mile radius of your office?


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