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Follow these Step-by-Step Instructions to Submit your Initial Contracting!

1. Click “New User”

  • Note: If you have used SureLC with another marketing group, you can use your same email address, but a different password will be required.

2. Complete “Account Creation” steps.

3. Complete required details in each section (denoted with a *).

4. Upload the following items in the SCAN tab:

  1.  E&O

  2.  Voided check

  3.  Signature

  4.  Four-hour NAIC training certificate (if required in your state)

  5.  AML training certificate

*PLEASE NOTE: Upload completion certificate unless taken through LIMRA. To take a course through LIMRA, click here.

5. Click “Request Appointment”.

6. Select the company you want to contract with.

7. Answer any carrier-specific questions.

8. Review each contract for accuracy.

9. Confirm your contract with your electronic signature.

10. Repeat the request appointment process for any additional carriers you want to contract with.

If you see the below, don't fret! There is a simple solution.


1. Click the small image of a lock in your URL bar. 

2. To the right of where it says "Flash" change "Block" to Allow"

3. Refresh the Page

4. Register for a new account if you do not have one already and follow the instructions below. 

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